Gardening and landscaping

Specialised in the field of landscaping and green spaces, at Staff Hotel we offer comprehensive, tailored gardening solutions, making it possible for our clients to outsource all the services of their hotel.

Here, the work focuses on the design and maintenance of both outdoor and indoor spaces as well as hotel landscaping. Our aim is to provide outstanding, personalised service that meets the needs of every client.

Experts in landscaping and hotel garden design

At Staff Hotel we know that landscaped areas require particular care throughout the year based on the type of plants, flowers or trees, which translates into constant maintenance and upkeep: pruning, treatments, trimming, planting and irrigation control. Likewise, it’s important to dedicate resources to these tasks, since landscaped areas reflect the image that the hotel wants to convey. Advances in the industry means we work with innovative technology to achieve optimum results and enhance the ambience of hotel gardens.

To achieve these results, at Staff Hotel we have qualified technicians who are trained to apply their knowledge and optimise both plant design and care. Going beyond mere operations, the team can also advise the client company, normally the corresponding department managers, and draw up a plan to adapt the garden according to the time of year to optimise results.

We can help you with

  • Garden design

    Do you want to start your garden design from scratch? Or are you looking for more of a garden makeover? Contact us and our experts will offer you the solutions that best suit fit what you’re looking for, always based on creating a pleasant, functional space.

  • Landscaping and exteriors

    Our projects are tailormade: we deliver the sketches and designs, and our operational team turns them into reality based on the location.

  • Installation of green walls and roofs

    Vertical gardens create a more pleasant environment. These are gardens that cover a façade with plants and provide a host of benefits, including purifying the air and lowering the ambient temperature.

  • Tree planting, pruning and treatments

    Staff Hotel’s expert team uses the latest tools and technology in plant care and maintenance.

  • Indoor garden and plant maintenance

    Once it’s planted, it has to be taken care of. Our team of experienced technicians and gardeners offers a comprehensive garden design and care solution.


Industry experts

We have been dedicated to garden design, maintenance and execution for over 15 years.

In-house team

Our team of specialised technicians and gardeners offers a comprehensive garden design and care solution.

We are committed to continuous improvement

We leverage cutting-edge tools and technology in plant care and maintenance.

Maximum contracting capacity during peak work periods

Our background and strength is our ability to quickly select and contract the resources you need during peak work periods.

Frequently asked questions

Outsourcing the non-core activities of your business, such as garden maintenance and design, saves you money, leaving landscaping image and aesthetics to industry professionals. We can also help you save by looking over your energy consumption and rate, as well as to opt for long-lasting plant varieties to keep from having to replace plants every season.

While green spaces are gardens, specifically the vegetation in a green space, landscaping encompasses the end-to-end design of the space, from plants, flowers, water features to furniture, paving and lighting.

There are many possible landscaping styles, each with their own characteristics. The most common styles are:

Rural garden
Contemporary garden
Sustainable garden
Colonial garden
Mediterranean garden
Vertical garden
Oriental or Asian garden
Tropical garden

Each of these types depends, in most cases, on the main plants and flowers that are planted as the main element.

At Staff Hotel we offer gardening and landscaping design services according to the facilities and needs of the client.

Urban landscaping is understood to be those natural elements, such as plants, that are used in an urban area where there are residential and office buildings. This changes the image of a cold space, filled with buildings or roads, to a green, landscaped, park-like, sustainable and natural area.

A landscaping project is a comprehensive gardening service in which we design what this outdoor space will look like, always using natural resources (plants and other plant elements) and execute the plan.

The best part of these landscaping services is that they implement living elements, and, therefore, they will always be in constant movement, and  the landscaping designed originally will vary over the years.

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At Staff Hotel we offer ETT and comprehensive outsourcing solutions for the hotel sector, placing special emphasis on the correct development of functions related to the well-being of the client.

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